Embodied cognition – initial thoughts

According to the concept of ’embodied cognition’, drawing from cognitive science, philosophy and psychology, our cognitive processes arise, not simply from the brain, but rather from entire physical systems (i.e. including the body, and the somatic nervous system) and importantly, from interactions with the environment.

‘Affordances’ in the environment, such as the doorknob, the ladder, the keyboard, are peculiar to humans and offer possibilities, and advantages, peculiar to us.

Further discussion to follow, based on Jasanoff’s book ‘The biological mind’, Wilson and Golonka (embodied cognition) and James Gibson (affordances), and the potential impact, and application to endurance sport understanding/intervention.

Jasanoff, A. (2018). The biological mind: How brain, body, and environment collaborate to make us who we are. New York, NY: Basic Books.