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Dr Jeremy Sutton

An enthusiastic performance and positive psychologist, consultant, writer, and educator specializing in psychology, science, technology, mental health, and behavioral change. Eternally curious and skilled at sharing complex ideas in simple ways.

Currently working for several international clients and startups, delivering specialist psychology and technical knowledge to individuals, mental health professionals, and businesses. An accomplished content creator, capable of turning complex topics into easy-to-understand, engaging content and learning.

My Passion

A curious lifelong learner, with a particular focus on the power of the human mind to push the limits

My Hobby

Ultramarathoner and triathlete

Client satisfaction

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

“It is wonderful. I have since ready it over 9 times and each time, I am overcome with emotion because you capture, so eloquently, what I am trying to convey!” – Panthea

“I just wanted to say it’s amazing! You are incredibly talented to bring such a complex technical topic to life and your examples are spot on. Huge thank you!” – Kinnu

“Once again, Jeremy has delivered for us exceptionally high-quality work, to exacting specifications and within a very challenging deadline. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a A+++ writer to turn complex ideas into easy and engaging content. Wonderful.” – Kinnu

“”Jeremy did an excellent job of putting the requested report together, He was easy to work with and happy to make any revisions we needed. I would highly recommend him for any similar projects.”– Dare

“Jeremy did a highly professional and effective job. We were particularly impressed with the way that he took on constructive criticism and feedback to makes sure that his writing was exactly what we were looking for. We would absolutely recommend him for future jobs and tasks.” – Kinnu

“Jeremy is an exceptionally talented writer. He delivered extremely high quality content to a very challenging deadline, and responded to any requests for revisions promptly and thoughtfully. I would highly recommend Jeremy to anybody looking for an expert writer who tackles tricky topics in an accessible and engaging way.” – Kinnu


A selection of the wide range of subjects and learnings delivered in my role as freelancer and consultant

Personality – what makes us who we are

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Podcast – Leaving the comfort zone


Grounding and Managing anxiety

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Seeking perfection

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Burnout in the workplace

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Entering flow

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Mental toughness and goal setting

Use this powerful course in positive psychology to set goals, get motivated, and build your resilience!!

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When Your Brain Doesn’t Recognize Faces

The science behind ‘face blindness’ Much of human engagement relies upon the ability to recognize familiar faces. And yet this seemingly simple, widespread human capacity, which builds and strengthens social[…]

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The eye-opening science behind ‘inattentional blindness’ In an iconic study from 1999, Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris, researchers at Harvard University, used a gorilla costume as a prop to explore visual perception. Subjects[…]

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