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Critical Appraisal of Mental Toughness

Previous To summarise To summarise the last few posts, there are numerous, and varied, definitions of mental toughness, with many psychological attributes being linked or correlated to success, including the ability to handle pressure and adversity, resolve to overcome failures, or possession of superior mental skills for use during performance. Early definitions of mental toughness…
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How do we measure Mental Toughness?

Previous Measurement of Mental Toughness Crust and Clough (2005) identified mental toughness as a trait-like dimension of personality, extending the conceptualisation of hardiness (Kobasa et al., 1982) by adding confidence to the three existing concepts of, control, commitment and challenge. Horsburgh et al.’s (2009) research later confirmed that individual differences in mental toughness were indeed…
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How was mental toughness developed?

Previous Research into Mental Toughness Since 2002, there has been considerable qualitative research into elite athletes to remove the ambiguity around mental toughness. Identification, and definition, of the key characteristics of mental toughness, has involved two distinct approaches. The first approach has been to formulate, (using qualitative research methods, including interviewing) a better understanding of…
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What are the 4 c’s?

According to many researchers Mental Toughness is key to success in all sports. Defined by Crust and Clough (2005) as The 4 C’s, challenge, commitment, control and confidence.  Mentally Tough individuals are said to:  View negative experiences as challenges  Be influential and control negative life experiences  Be deeply involved and committed to achieving goals Be confident…
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